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Although this site remains open, I have indeed pushed all these posts onto The Scrapbook Speedway. Please visit The Scrapbook Speedway and leave comments there (I don't visit here very often).

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Instructional Videos


Have Fun With Blender Pens

Woo-Hoo! I've been wondering how to use these cool pens, but just now found a tutorial. I found this video on ChicknScratch's video blog!

The Original Crop-A-Dile

Wanna know how to use the original Crop-A-Dile before you go out and buy one? Well, MadScapperGirl has show us how easy it is to use this versatile tool!

The Crop-A-Dile II

If you have never heard of this great tool or aren't sure what it's all about or how to use it, this video is for you!

Thank you Scrapbook Dot Com for this great video!

A Plethera Of Techniques

Check out this amazing video where Jennifer McGuire shows off a handful of wonderful techniques.

Thanks Jennifer for the wonderful tutorial!