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Instructional Videos


Watercoloring in Scrapbooking

One technique in scrapbooking is using watercolors. This is a technique I have yet to master, but want to try and play with it.

This tutorial was found on You Tube from 'scrapwithshelby'. It shows you how to use the Pearlescent watercolor pallette from the CK Scrapbooking Convention.

Hate Using Plain Ol' Chipboard?

Cover it! Yup, just cover it!

Now, you can cover chipboard with just about anything you can think of, so long as you use the right adhesive. But I'm going to give you some instructions I found in the July 2008 issue of Scrapbooks Etc on how to cover your chipboard with tissue paper!

Cover That Chipboard With Thread?

Yup! That's right! There are so many different ways you can embellish your title. You don't have to just leave it plain and use it how it comes. Get creative! Think outside the box!

Ronee Parsons of Olympia, Washington did just that! She used embroidery thread. Check out this creative layout she made. I've also included a list of the supplies she used to make this sweet layout.

If you're not sure what that is exactly, that's the thread you would use for cross-stitching. You can find the embroidery thread in yoru local craft store in the stitching section where they have all the cross stitching things. You'll be surprised how many different colors you have to choose from.

I'll be honest, this wasn't something I would have ever thought of on my own, but I was looking through the April 2007 issue of Memory Makers magazine and I was so excited!

Here are the three simple steps for creating a unique title.

Have You Seen An Altered Clipboard?

Well,if you haven't yet, you are now! Check out this amazing "memory Clipboard" by Laura Nicholas in Beaverton, Oregon. I found this in teh April 2007 issue of Memory Makers magazine. Sometimes, it can be difficult to use flowers for a male-themed layout or altered item, but Laura did a remarkable job!

Here's a list of the supplies she used to create this great work of art.

Want the directions? Well, you got them! Remember, if you can't read the print, just click on the picture andyou should get a much bigger view.

Wanna Distress Your Edges?

Here's one easy way to just that! In the April 2007 Memory Makers issue, Brooke Bartimioli from Hayden, Idaho created this awesome layout! She used several wonderful techniques; one of which was edge distressing.

Here is a list of the supplies she used to create this awesome work of art:

Follow these three steps to distress YOUR edges!

Using Water Color Pencils

Using water color pencils is not easy when you're not sure what you need to do. I should know. I've messed up a stamped image or two (or more) because I had no idea what I was doing.

Well In the April 2007 issue of Scrapbooks Etc. I found this great demonstration. Now, I'm one of those people that needs to SEE how something works to understand it. So, I really hope this helps you out!

If you can't read the print on the picture very well, just click on the picture for a much larger view.

Pens & Markers 101

I found this guide to pens and markers in an old Scrapboks Etc. magazine. Check it out! It's from the April 2007 issue!

Be sure to click on the picture for a much larger and clearer view.