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Although this site remains open, I have indeed pushed all these posts onto The Scrapbook Speedway. Please visit The Scrapbook Speedway and leave comments there (I don't visit here very often).

Thank you!

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This site is chock-full of ideas to make your scrapbooking more fun! Although I will provide you with my own ideas, there are times that I have to rely on other's creativitey and ingenuity.

I will strive to do my best to give credit where credit is due; however, there are times where I do not know where to give credit. I want you all to know this is NOT intentional. If I post something which is your creation or idea, I ask you please accept my apologies and contact me (via Email) asap. I will be sure to state where it came from and add a link back to you.

I appreciate your understanding and your assistance.