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Instructional Videos


Freezer Paper + Cricut = WOW!

to use your CRICUT! OMG! You have GOT to check this out. I would NEVER have thought to do this!

Crafty Steals: We're taking you to school this Sunday!: "Good morning Crafty Stealers! We’ve decided to do something new on the Crafty Steals blog. We’re going to start making every Sunday ..."

Personalized Storage

This is featured over at Kaiser Crafties. . This is just such an awesome idea, I wanted to share it with you. This is created for sewing storage but, I think this could also work for desktop scrapbooking storage as well.

Give it a shot and send me your creation. I will share your completed work along with a link back to our blog and I will also forward it on to Beyond The Page. It is their creation, after all.
Be sure to check out all the other awesome stuff on their blog!!!

Dont' forget, no matter what it is that you use to store all your scrapbook supplies and papers, you can always personalize it. Use your creativity and your supplies and go for it! Let me know what you come up with! I would love to show others your wonderful ideas!


There aren't too many different ways you can store these, really, but this is what I have come up with so far.

1. ziploc baggies (the tiny ones for jewelry or the snack size ones)
2. 3-ring binder with baseball card holders (if you have lots of bling)

My Kind Of Scrap Room

Here is a video I found at Better Homes and Gardens of an awesome basement scrap room. I wish I could have one like this. Although, it probably wouldn't stay that neat.

" So, I think this space uses a great use of creative solutions. It's all about storage, for example, so that if you're doing a craft project, you have trash easily accessible. If you wanna sew, you could bring your sewing machine out here and you can do sewing right out here, a quilt maker. If you're a crafter, if you're a scrapbook maker, you... "

Click HERE for the Video!

The Friday (.cut) Files - 2/18/11

CARTRIDGES USED: Graphically Speaking, Home Decor

Here's an elegant frame for that special picture! Download this file for your project and then link your project to your blog/site below! I would love to see what you did with it!

Cricut Booklet Storage

I finally figured out what I wanted! I love this! It's so versatile and perfect if you plan on adding to your cricut collection!

Scrapbook Paper Storage

CHEAP personalized paper storage containers? Yup! It's true and so very easy and possible!
I found this great tutorial on blnken1's You Tube channel. Click on the video title to view her channel

Easy Tub Storage

Check this out! A great new, easy, inexpensive and fun way to store so much!

Thank you Robin Stamps for this great idea!

Marion's Scrap/Craft Room (aka---scraft room)

For those of you interested in creating an amazing scrap room to be your creative best, here is a great video of Marion showing off her own scrap room. Be sure to visit her channel, A Piece of Craft, on You Tube! She has some fantastic tutorials and does a lot of LIVE shows too! She is one very talented lady and has a lot of inspiration to share!

This is what I envision MY ultimate scrap room to look like.......one day!

Tuesday Tutorial - February 2011

I saw this once and it really works well! You will have to use one of the hand-held Dymo Label makers
(like the old fashioned ones).
This video is a tutorial I did a while back, but it seems to have a great response! It's an Oldie but a Goodie!
Supplies needed:
original Dymo label maker
scrap strips of paper (with white core backing) about 3/8" wide
sanding block

Some of these hand held Dymos have different "wheels" which can be interchanged for different fonts and characters. Walmart and Target seem to have had the best selection and best prices. You can also go to an office supply store for a wider selection.

This is also a great way to use up some of those scraps!

Have fun and enjoy!

The Friday (.cut) Files - 2/4/11

A beautiful Dragonfly Frame for you!
Click HERE to download this file.
Cartridges: Doodlecharms, Stretch Your Imagination