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Spiral Flowers Are A Hit

Ashley, from Have Your Way With Paper, forwarded us a link for some cool spiral flowers.

Here are the instructions:
1.) Draw a spiral on a 4×4” piece of paper. You can vary the size of your end product by changing the size of the paper. As well, the tighter the spiral, the more layers the end product will have

2.) Cut out the spiral along the lines. I’ve seen these also made with wavy lines, by tearing the spiral out, and you could even try deco scissors for a different look.

3.) Place a glue dot on the outside end of the spiral and begin rolling from the outside. The glue dot will help the flower to not unravel.

4.) Keep rolling until the end. The last bit sometimes doesn’t want to go so I just cut it off. Let go of the flower and work the layers a bit. Put a glue dot on the end of the flower to keep it from unraveling.

5.) The finished flower!

For added texture, try ripping the paper instead of cutting and use a little inking and see what you get.

Here's the tutorial on these awesome flowers. If you attempt this technique, please share your work here and on the blog where the tutorial is shown. Thank you!

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