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Some Tricks of the Trade

For some extra scrapbooking ideas, here are a few tips:

• You don't have to mat every single photo on your scrapbook layout, unless you want it to stand out from the background.

• Wrap ribbons around your focal-point photo to add emphasis.

• Customize your patterned paper by layering a piece of vellum or printed transparency over it.

• Tips on choosing pens: pick a fine-tipped pen for a simple look, a bolder pen for a casual look. Have different sizes on hand and experiment.

• Create easy scrapbooking borders on your pages by attaching a strip of ribbon.

• Looking for a way to store your little eyelets, brads, and other scrapbooking supplies? You can get a 7-day vitamin container and store all your tiny embellishments into different compartments.

• For a smart scrapbooking border, print out the names of the people who appeared on the layout onto that strip of border.

• Whether you are at cafes, restaurants, shopping, or just out for a walk, keep your surroundings in mind. They often inspire fun scrapbooking ideas.

• Since they're easy to apply, keep yourself from pasting to many scrapbooking stickers. There is a chance of overloading your page.

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