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Tuesday Tutorial - January 2011

I wanted to show you how I created my "free-form" Stickle Flourish on my "So Sweet" layout. You can do this technique directly on your layout or on a separate piece of paper/cardstock. I suggest that until you are more comfortable with this technique, you try this out separate from your layout.

*your template*
it does not have to be the exact same one I used. any template will do so long as you can trace
*a black pen/marker*
one that does not bleed
any color you choose
*your paper*
preferably cardstock as this will not buckle under the pressure of the stickles
Once you have gathered your supplies, you are ready!

Simply, lay your stencil down on your chosen paper and begin to trace
Once you are done, this is what you should see
Now, you are ready to apply your Stickles! Very carefully trace over your black line with the Stickles glue. Be careful not to lay the bottle tip directly on the paper. You want it to hover over the paper just enough to get the stickles out. This will create a ridge and give you dimension.
Once you have complete tracing your drawing this is what you will have! You may need to carefully "go over" some parts with the Stickles to even out the look. Otherwise, you can leave it as is.
Now, the next step is always the hardest! WAIT for it to dry!

Once it's dry, you have a few options. If you didn't apply this directly to your page, but on a separate piece of paper/cardstock, then you can carefully cut around it. You could also use some Liquid Glass to fill in the center. Get creative! Let me see what you do!


Kim said...

What a Great idea!! Thanks so much for the instruction:)

Jennifer Moore said...

That looks awesome, Paula! :)