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Corner Rounder

Dust off your corner rounder and try these fun ways to use it on your page.

1. Round only the outside corner of each photograph and create a mosaic look with several photographs. The mosaic will be softened with the rounded outside corners.

2. Create a folder-tab title by rounding the edges of the top two corners of a cardstock title block. Then, tuck the tab behind a photograph or patterned paper.

3. Design a color-blocked background with patterned paper and round the edges of each block for a unique look.

4. Use a corner rounder on opposite corners of a photograph. The rounded edges will draw the viewer's attention and keep their eyes moving through the page.

5. Round the edges of patterned paper squares and rectangles in various sizes and stamp the letters of your title on each block. Edge the paper in matching ink to create a more artsy outline.

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