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When i was at the scrapbook discount show this last weekend, i realized something. They had tons of wood stamps with cute little images, but I like the clear stamps better and I like using my Cricut because I can get the different sizes. Well, just because the stamp image is small doesn't mean that's the ONLY size i can get.

I realized that if I were to stamp the image in black ink on plain white paper; I could then scan that image into the computer; then enlarge that image to whatever size; then, if my photo/edit program allowed me, I could color/fill in the image; then crop, save and print on white cardstock or white photo paper. Now, you have your own personal diecut!

I used to use my computer much more before when I first started scrapbooking. I just need to use it to my advantage again!

I encourage you to use this technique!

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