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Instructional Videos


Decorative Scissors

1. cut patterned paper or solid paper into strips to resemble ribbon or ric-rac
2. cut decorative edges on the photo corners to make it look like the corners are tucked in to the photo mat
3. use soe of the patterns of scissors, like Pinking, along the edges of your patterned paper instead of sewing
4. cut paper into strips of all sizes to add to the pattern of your background paper or even to create your own pattern
5. cut circles and other shapes with them
6. trim the edges of a picture; choose only one on a layout that you want to have stand out
7. cut frames and mats with them
8. cut the edge of the entire layout and mount onto another piece of paper so that paper shows arounds the edges
9. flip the scissors over to get a different look

Helpful hints to remember:
1. limit your use to one or two patterns of sissors on a layout so as to not cause it to be distracting
2. use the appropriate scissors for each layout. (i.e. don't use a victorian style on a layout of your child blowing bubbles)
3. a few scissors that go well with everything would be Deckle, Torn and Pinking
4. don't overdo it and use the scissors on all the pieces of paper on your layouts
5. don't cut your pictures if you don't have copies
6. experiment with your scissors, prefereable on scrap pieces of paper, to the look you want

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