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Brads and Eyelets

I have chosen to use those bead containers I'm sure you've seen everywhere. However, through much trial and error, I have found the best container to use in this respect are the ones that are more like the daily/weekly pill boxes (generally found in most pharmacies). Reason being is because in the original, cheap-o version, each section is not individually closed; therefore, you will have eyelets and brads mixing into the other sections, getting them all mixed up.

In these containers, each section has it's own lid and it is "child-proof." Meaning, there's a "trick" to openning each lid. You can't just pop it open. So, there is little to no chance that if you drop this container on the floor that it will pop open and scatter all these tiny little bits everywhere!

You can get this container (or a version of it) in any craft store. Check the cross-stitch section or sewing sections first (the price will, most likely, be less). You can also check your local pharmacy up by the pharmacy counter.

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