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Use the Acid Scale When Scrapbooking

Things You’ll Need:
PH-detecting pen
Acid-free scrapbooking album and pages
Acid-Free Paper
Archival safe adhesives, markers and chalks

Understand the acid scale. The acid scale runs from 1 to 14. One is the most acidic, while 14 is the most alkaline. Seven is considered neutral, which means that anything with a pH of 7 or above does not contain acid.

Shop around for the right paper. Look for papers with a pH of 7 or above. If the packaging on the paper does not give the specific pH of the paper, it should say "acid free."

Buy a pH-detecting pen. You can buy these pens at crafts stores or from Light Impressions (see Resources below). These pens are good to use if you are not sure of the pH of the paper you have bought.

Use your pH-detecting pen to test the paper in old scrapbooks and photo albums. If the paper tests as acidic, you should remove the photos and replace them in a new, acid-free scrapbook or album.

Expect to pay more. Acid-free paper is more expensive than regular paper. This is largely because it has undergone a process in which the natural acids were removed. This process increases the cost of manufacturing the paper.

Make sure the other elements of your scrapbook besides the paper are safe as well. Use acid-free adhesives, markers and chalks

information provided by http://www.ehow.com/how_2044373_use-acid-scale-scrapbooking.html

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