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Great Journaling Ideas About and By your Kids

Make a list of everything your child carries in his backpack, purse or stashes in a school locker. These items speak volumes about their personalities.

Have your child make a list of his likes and dislikes and include them on a page with extra snapshots. Include his handwritten list or other samples of their handwriting.

Ask your child to recount his perfect day, then design a page with his wishes in mind. Remember to use the same language he did to catch her personality.

Carry a small tape recorder or notebook. If you're carrying a recorder, make sure you have good batteries anda tape with room to spare.

Type or handwrite a transcript of a conversation between children. You and your children will love looking back to see what they thought at different ages.

If you've recorded our child's voice, incorporate them into a page with a Memory Button or by enclosing the actual tape in a small envelope (although for storing purposes and for time, this may not be the best option)

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