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Create Personalized Tags and Journaling Blocks

Here's a great way to create your own personalized text boxes for tags or captions.

In MS Word, click on the Oval shape located on the lower taskbar. A big box will appear. Left click inside this box to show your image.

Another option:

In MS Word, click Insert at the top menu bar and select Picture then AutoShapes. There should be a dialog box on the screen (you can left click on it and drag it up to add it to your menu bar). Drag your mouse over the differnt shapes to view their name. Click a shape option and it will open a list of different shapes. Choose one. After choosing a shape, a big box will appear. Left click inside this box and your image will appear.

You can do several things with your shape now:
1. resize it (by clicking on the shape and dragging the corners and/or sides)
2. rotate it (by clicking on the shape to reveal a green button at the top which you click on and drag around)
3. fill it with color (by right clicking and choosing Format Auto Shape)
4. write in it (by right clicking and choosing Add Text)
5. change the font
6. center align, right align, left align the font

There are also Stars, Banners & Quote boxes to choose from as well.

Once finished, you can print this out onto plain white paper or for a great accent, print it out on cardstock. Your local office supply store will have several colors to choose from. I prefer white.

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