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A Child's Alphabet Book in 9 Easy Steps

Things You’ll Need:
A photo album with acid free pages (size is up to you)
Die cuts
ABC stickers or stencils
Acid free patterned or colored paper
Page protectors
Journaling pens (ones that are safe for scrapbooking)

Gather as many items as possible prior to getting started on your scrapbook photo album. Shop clearance racks and sales for stickers, die-cuts and anything else you think might work in the album. Fronts of cards often have great images that could be incorporated into the photo album. Check out several ABC books from the library and make color copies of any pictures that are unique or fun. Look through photographs of family and friends and fun activities, choosing the ones you think would work for one letter or another.

Once you have a good stash of items you plan to use, it’s time to prepare your pages. On each page, create a border with a straight line using a ruler. On the outside of that page border, write words for that particular letter. For example, around the letter A page, you could write words such as apron, arms, amazing, accordion, adventure, add, above, Abba, album, ankle, airplane, acorn, and others, until the border was full. You can use as many or as few words as you'd like. For letters such as Q and X, repeat a series of words around the border, given that there aren’t as many from which to choose. This is where a dictionary comes in handy!

Use large ABC stickers or a letter stencil to highlight the letter of the page. Then, it’s as simple as adding stickers, photographs, die-cuts and other embellishments to your scrapbook photo album page. For example, the letter E page might include the following: eggplant, easel, explorer, ears, elephant, earthworms, eggs, Elmo, and Ernie. If you have a family member with a name that begins with E, use photographs of that person on that page. Border words might include echo, ebb, egret, eight, egg, Eyeore, emu, and ear, to name a few.

Some letters of the alphabet are more challenging than others. The letter O might feature Ohio, oars, an octopus, owls, and onions. For the letter U, you could use photographs of uncles, umbrellas, and the United States. For the letter X, you could use xylophone, x-ray, box, and saxophone (just underline the x in the words). The letter Q page might feature a queen, quilt, quarters, quarter notes, and a quote. Just get creative and have fun with it.

Under each photograph, sticker, die-cut or color copy, name the item and then underline the first letter of the word to bring attention to the letter featured on the page of the photo album.

Other ideas for photo album ABC pages might include using your state of residence, field trips, zoo animal pictures, favorite cartoon characters, photos of pets, nature pictures, or even pictures from cards you’ve received. Include a favorite poem on the P photo album page. Fill the pages as full as you like, or leave room to add other photographs and embellishments later.

Use acid free paper to back your photographs or use stickers if you want to add more color.

A title page in the front of the album is a nice touch. Include the date the photo album was gifted. Perhaps allow an older child to create and color the scrapbook album page for a personal touch.

Page protectors are a must for this type of album since children love to point at the photographs and touch the pages.

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